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Cover Reveal! Sequel to Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder–Forever Doomed. #Mystery #Suspense Some #Romance

Forever_Doomed_ebook_amazon_goodreadsThe long awaited sequel to Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder. Forever Doomed will be published on/about 2 Dec. It will be available on, and soon after available on B&, and in paperback.

It’s not wise to wander the cruise ship Forever alone at night. You might not live to see daylight.

Detective Jack Harney agrees to do an old Army buddy a favor. Curt Noble had some personal business to attend to, he didn’t say what. What he did say was he needed someone to temporarily take over his duties as head of security on the struggling cruise ship Forever. Jack hesitates, but he owes Curt his life so agrees. He’s told the worst mischief he can expect to encounter will be the occasional shoplifter, or drunk. Instead, one week into the cruise, a beautiful red head and a member of the crew are ruthlessly murdered. Are the two murders connected? It’s up to Jack to find out. He must find the killer before the ship returns to Tampa’s port, or worse, before another dead body is found. This won’t be easy. The ship is old, it’s security systems outdated, and clues are few, or so it seems at first

It’s not just a sense of obligation that motivates Jack to agree to Curt’s request; Jack moved thousands of miles, started over, and still can’t get Amy O’Brian out of his heart or mind. When she shows up on the ship, as part of a large wedding party, Jack must fight to stay focused. To make matters worse, Amy isn’t his only distraction; a sexy and mysterious woman has made it her mission to seduce Jack.

As the body count rises, and time slips away, Jack has to ask himself, “Did someone commit the perfect crime?”







Reno/Tahoe Magazine–Fantastic Exposure for Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder #Reno #Tahoe #romance

In the Nov/Dec issue of Reno Magazine is a full page ad for me and my book.

I spent my teen years living in Reno NV. My first job was working at the Circus Circus. I also worked at the Peppermill for a while. I love Reno, that’s why my book is set there. If you live in the Reno/Tahoe area, you should pick up a copy of this magazine. The full page ad is below, but seeing it here doesn’t really do it justice. It looks really cool in the magazine.

Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is a romantic mystery. It’s just $2.99 for your Kindle or Nook. Please Purchase today. Thank you.

Reno Mag