Florida Teenager Attacked and Nearly killed: Donations Needed

On April 24th, 2008 a young girl was returning books to the local library. She was attacked, raped, and beaten, almost killed. She was only 18, a recent High School graduate and about to attend college with a full scholarship. Her name is Queena.

This attack left her unable to walk, talk, see or eat on her own. Medicaid covers $1,500 per year for her speech and physical therapy, but it costs her family about $70,000 a year for all of her therapies and medical supplies.

Her family is worried about bankruptcy. They’re worried they’ll have to cut back on therapies.

The world has become a cynical place, but this is a real person,  with real needs. Please, please consider donating, anything you can afford, to help her and her family. She could easily be someone you know and/or love and she really needs your help.

Read more about her, her progress, and donate at: http://www.joinqueena.com/

Thank you.

MaryAnn Kempher