New Romance Suspense Book – News Release

New Romance Suspense Book Released

New Romance Suspense Book with Reno Setting by Florida Author

TAMPA, Florida (April 29, 2013) A new romance suspense book  Mocha, Moonlight and Murder  is set in Reno, Nevada. The book by author and Florida resident MaryAnn Kempher is published by Booktrope and available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Kempher began writing first for pleasure and then professionally after completing an Air Force career. She was stationed at MacDill Air Force Base. Her military career influences are apparent in the book. The lead character has just transitioned from military life and is finishing college when her life takes an unexpected turn. Kempher also draws on her memories of living in Reno, Nevada during her teen years. She sets that location as the backdrop for the drama and suspense. Locals will recognize places mentioned in the book including Virginia Lake, Circus Circus and the Eldorado. There are even a few local restaurants mentioned. The shopping mall described in the book is based on the old Park Lane Mall which no longer exists but Kempher remembers living near as a youth.

“My very first job was at Circus Circus,” reminisces Kempher, “Reno is such a part of my memories that it seemed like the perfect setting for this story. I love the atmosphere. No matter where you look it is beautiful all year round.”

After traveling to many exotic places Kempher now resides in the Tampa area. She has found much to love about her new home town. When asked what her favorite thing about living in Florida is she responded “I love the weather of course, even the hot summers. I can wear shorts almost all year round.”

It was in her Florida home, watching TV, that Kempher got the inspiration for a story that would become her first published new romance suspense book. The book developed and changed as she researched and wrote it. She states of the writing process, “The plot is nothing like what I had originally planned. I had an idea to begin with of where I wanted it to go, but it went in a different direction as it progressed.”

Kempher’s new romance suspense book is the story of 28 year old Katherine O’Brian. Instead of feeding her late-night appetite, a midnight food run nearly gets her killed. She’s the only person to see the man who brutally murdered a local woman, and the killer is hell-bent on making sure she doesn’t talk.

Scott Mitchell left a broken engagement behind when he moved to Reno, and the last thing he needs is more melodrama. When he and Katherine are paired for a college project, that’s exactly what he gets. It can be very distracting when someone is out to kill your lab partner. Together, they try to figure out what the police haven’t been able to—the identity of the murderer. Passion flares, but with Katherine’s life in danger, romance seems like more than a bad idea.

Scott and Katherine will face jealousy, misunderstandings, lust, and rivals, not to mention attempted murder—and all before their first real date.

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